Vandalism was carried out at the Nord Stream state level –

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Last year’s sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out “on a state scale,” according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin made the announcement on Russian state television on Tuesday. He dismisses the idea that a pro-autonomy Ukrainian group is responsible for the blasts as “absolute nonsense.”

It is still unclear who is behind the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines. Germany, Sweden and Denmark have launched investigations into the circumstances of the sabotage. Last week, media outlets in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom published reports that a pro-Ukrainian group may be behind the sabotage. There is no evidence that the Ukrainian government was involved. President Zelensky has dismissed the suggestion of Ukrainian intervention as “ridiculous”.

Swedish and other European investigators have said the attack was planned, but have not yet said who was responsible. Moscow, without providing evidence, has shifted the blame to the West. In the televised interview, Putin hinted at US involvement, something the US has previously denied.

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