Vandersanden: How do we create a circular public space? Discover it during an inspiring webinar.

A new era is dawning for customers, designers, and builders. Flanders wants to be circular in 2050. We are gradually evolving towards a circular buying policy. But the new standard poses significant challenges. are you ready?

Step by step towards a circular public space

Clients, designers and builders prepare themselves. Global warming and a scarcity of raw materials are causing major changes. More than ever, you must strive for one Use resources efficiently and effectively To circle Flanders is circular in 2050. In addition, today’s products have become the raw materials at a later date. We want to recycle raw materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


In this story, customers, designers, and builders have an important responsibility. They are expected to create cutting-edge plans for a socially responsible living environment. But they also buy in circles. This pressure leads to urgent questions.

Improve your knowledge of circularity

Vandersanden answers and equips Flemish professionals during Free Webinar “Circular Public Space” On June 3 and 15. Anyone should help shape tomorrow’s public space. This is your chance to update your information about turning around in public places in 40 minutes. You will learn what you need to know about a circular purchase policy in relation to flooring and receive inspiring practical examples. Open an account now.

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