Vasseur relies on upcoming updates for Australia

The Ferrari team fared worse than expected in Saudi Arabia last weekend. The Italian team was slower than expected and finished fourth behind Red Bull, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Frédéric Vassour, the team leader, is focused on updates without worrying.

The current season is only two Grands Prix old, but the Ferrari team already seems to be in turmoil. In both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz lacked speed and performance compared to the competition. Red Bull Racing is in a class of its own right now, but Ferrari can’t win the fight behind it.

Many factors

In Saudi Arabia, the team hit the ice, but that doesn’t mean all the alarm bells are ringing. Ferrari team principal Frédéric Vasseur tells that it’s not a big problem: “Performance always depends on many factors. There’s nothing right or wrong. So we’re not going to build aero, suspension or power unit. Or give up because of hard work. We are doing our best in areas as well. We are not going to change plans because we are underperforming.”


Behind the scenes, at least Ferrari is hard at work on the car. The Italians are even working on a complete update package. Vasseur clarifies: “The updates coming to Australia are already in production. It’s not like I’m going to the factory tomorrow and telling the guests to work hard because the updates have to go to Melbourne. It doesn’t work like that. .”

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