Verdict in Australia: LK-Omar KB continues family legacy with championship (with video)

Right champion Elke-Omer KP Ster (Omer RS ​​fan Top and Twel x Monte 378) with owner Benny Williams, reserve champion Boudewijn van Wallbroek Ster (Bastian 510) with Kellie Elevato and producers Jerry Hamming and Tristan Hoekstra.

The six-year-old LK-Omer KB Steer A (Omer RS ​​Fan Top and Dwell x Monte 378), ridden by Penny Williams, was champion on Friday 7th April at a study in Queensland, Australia. Judges Sabian Swaga and John Hellincks selected the seven-year-old steer gelding Boutwijn van Walbrouck (Bastian 510 x Mintze 384) ridden by Kelly Elivato as reserve champion.

From the team, to the championship review

The LK-Omar duo was almost ready to close out the Test in Queensland in style. Owner Penny Williams was quick to use her Tashlyn Jeffries-bred mare to compete in the championship trial, and she also won. Regular LK Omar earned a star with a second premium due to his classic head and high prominence. She could use a little more upside in structure, but she lines up long enough with a nice topline. ‘Her foot position could be a bit more correct, her step has enough length and more stroke,’ explains Sabian Swaga. ‘She uses her hind legs well on the trot and can show a bit more freedom in the shoulders.’

Winning tournaments is a family tradition

Penny Williams’ mare is Ymke KP’s third offspring, bred by Australian show champion Tashlyn Jeffries. LK-Omer’s half-sister, So Special KP (Beard 411) and LK-Omer’s full sister, Isabu KP, preceded him in 2019 and 2015. Dam Ymke KP became champion herself 12 years ago in 2011.

Two more Ster mares with second premium

Sabian Swaga and John Hellincks were able to rate four horses with one star in this major survey. In addition to LK-Omer, Ellis Park Steer’s three-year-old sire (Sipke 450 x Mares 441) received Steer with a second premium upon entry into the studbook. Elora Margar Wratten’s youthful beam has a luxurious appearance and good hull direction. She steps more correctly on her feet. “She used her back leg well and was up.”
Nicola Bishop’s nine-year-old Talenje BOF sire (Norbert 444 x Dennis v/d Smallpemde) was the third male to go home as sire. He scored 69 points with 7.5 walks in his IBOP. His remarkably good gait with heavy use of body and his breed-typical, long-lined conformation gave Talentje the sire with a second premium.

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In a large group of six geldings, Sabian Swaga and John Hellinx presented a gelding with a ster second premium: Boudewijn van Wallbrook Ster (Bastiaan 510 x Mintse 384), who not only received the ster but also won the reserve championship. Bred by Nadine and Lee Davies, the gelding is a son of the Gruen Sportmare Dyke van ‘de Lansing from the breeding of Rinus Lohmann and Karla Nijdum. Boudewijn moved well with more space and tact in gait, with a balance that didn’t require too much speed. It is somewhat abstract and noble in its construction.

Motherless cubs

Of the three fillies presented, one earned an orange ribbon: Tempest of Obsidian Hill (Dirk D. Van Sessing x Mico 373), bred and owned by Shane Boy. A filly with strong legs. “And a good step with persistence”, explains Sabian Swaga, who noted that cubs are often shown without their mothers. Five-month-old Tempest was a very quiet Arabian gray gelding, and her mother stayed at home. ‘The cubs are very manageable and have been well-bred.’

Inspired by Tris

Among the stallions, Zachary H. The ster (Norbert 444 x Wopke 403), with 8 conformation and 8 species, became the ster. Mary Osborne’s eight-year-old stallion has a thoroughbred type, with a long line and beautiful forelimb. ‘He can walk a bit faster and use the foreleg better on the throttle,’ explains Sabian.
Now Ster, and with the AAA forecast, only Dries vd Derben (Hesel 480 x Tjalbert 460) had to present itself. Bred by Rudy Rienstra and owned by Tania Howard, the six-year-old foal book stallion with a breeding license impressed in hand and under saddle. ‘He showed a lot of resilience, walked well, had a good temperament and was easy to work with,’ pointed out Sabian and John.

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Queensland Small House Survey

The judging tour for judges and handlers Tristan Hoekstra and Gerry Hemming continues to the north end of Queensland for a small house judging. On inspection day no 8.

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