Verstappen also breaks a unique age record: looking back at the best stage seats

Can’t escape your announcement that Max Verstappen won the Austrian Grand Prix last Sunday. The Dutch dominated the Red Bull Ring, where the Orange Army successfully cheered him on. This victory marked his fiftieth stage in Formula 1, which brought him a record.

Verstappen was the youngest Formula 1 driver to take 50 podiums. At 23 years and 277 days, he has now set a record by a huge margin. He overtook four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. The German was 25 years and 327 days old when he reached the 50 podium milestone. Hence the difference of more than two years.

What will Max Verstappen earn if he becomes champion this year?

It only increases when you look at the other names listed below him. They are definitely not low drivers. Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso was 27 years and 61 days old when he took the stage for the fiftieth time. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton (28 years 76 days), seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher (28 years 163 days) and 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen (28 years and 172 days) all took longer to reach those 50 podiums. Come.

Having achieved such a unique milestone, it is time to look back at Verstappen’s best platforms.

First place

Of course your first Formula 1 podium is already special, but for Verstappen it could not be more beautiful. The Dutchman drove another full season in 2015 for Dutch Rosso (now Alpadauri), but on May 5, 2016, significant news came out: Verstappen will replace Daniel Quiet on the Red Bull. This is a switch that happened at the beginning of the season, but will work well for both Red Bull and Verstappen. In his first qualifying match with Red Bull, he immediately finished fourth on the stage.

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That fourth place will give him a better view of what will happen in Turn 4 of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalonia. Title contenders and teammates Luis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg collide and fly off the track. Both are eliminated immediately, so Verstappen sees the opportunity to go straight to the stage – probably a win. He had to endure the pressure of Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen for a long time, but at the end of the day he was allowed to call himself a racing winner.

Get back to Verstappen’s first platform This link.

Brazil 2016

Of course, the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix should not be left out of this list. The rain destroyed the interlock, so the race began behind the safety car. Field was released six times behind Mercedes-AMG. On the soaking path, the visibility behind President Hamilton was poor, with rain causing enough problems – and the scene. Sebastian Vettel spun and came back on the dangerous path, Marcus Erickson crashed into the wall, and on that restart Kimi Raikkonen also went into the wall, avoiding Verstappen Finn.

Verstappen overtook Rosberg, but soon lost some space after a spin in which he was able to keep the red grass out of the wall. After an extra pit stop – from intermediaries to full wet – Verstappen returned to the track at sixteenth, so the stage was completely invisible. Especially since there were only sixteen laps left. Nevertheless, an amazing master class Dutchman followed in the rain, he handled one driver after another. After 71 laps and a good catch, Verstappen was still on the podium at the lowest of three.

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Release this special master class in the rain This link.

Mexico 2018

Verstappen missed the polar position in Mexico, but did everything right at the start of the race. Team-mate Daniel Ricciardo started from the pole, but saw Hamilton and Verstappen pass by before reaching Turn 1. There, Verstappen took the lead by staying inside the Mercedes driver. He would then disappear to the horizon with Red Bull and record the most dominant victory, 17 seconds before the cut, for the round he won in 2017.

Look through This link Highlights of this race.

Malaysia 2017

Before the start of the Malaysian Grand Prix, things went wrong for Raikkonen, who had to move his Ferrari from second place to the garage due to the turbo issue. This gave Verstappen a clear vision, so he was able to open the attack on Hamilton. In an exciting and entertaining fight between the two – which certainly will not be the only fight – Verstappen was able to beat Britain by four in the lap, which in turn led to a late breaking action 1. Verstappen then managed to escape from Mercedes with his second Formula 1 victory at the last Malaysian Grand Prix.

Look through This link Highlights of this race.

Austria 2021: Verstappen’s fiftieth

Finally, we will highlight the most recent of course: No. 50. Starting from the Verstappen pole, Lando was able to keep Norris behind at the start, and can restart soon. Lewis Hamilton was advancing towards the Dutchman but was unable to continue the pace due to damage. So Verstappen was able to drive his fifteenth Formula 1 victory in the Red Bull Ring playfully easy. Thousands of Orange fans came to the Austrian round to cheer Verstappen on the victory, which they certainly won. A ‘Grand Slam’ (polar position, victory and fast lap) perfected Verstappen’s racing weekend. It was the championship’s fifth win of the season, now 32 points ahead of title rival Hamilton.

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Update the Austrian Grand Prix via This link.


Full list of Verstappen’s 50 podium locations


Spain (1st)
Austria (2nd)
Great Britain (2nd)
Germany (3rd)
Malaysia (2nd)
Japan (2E)
Brazil (3rd)


China (3E)
Malaysia (1st)
Japan (2E)
Mexico (1E)


Spain (3rd)
Canada (3E)
France (2nd)
Austria (1st)
Belgium (3rd)
Singapore (2E)
Japan (3E)
United States (2nd)
Mexico (1E)
Brazil (2nd)
Abu Dhabi (3E)


Australia (3rd)
Spain (3rd)
Austria (1st)
Germany (1st)
Hungary (2nd)
Singapore (3E)
United States (3rd)
Brazil (1st)
Abu Dhabi (2E)


Styria (Austria, 3rd)
Hungary (2nd)
Great Britain (2nd)
70th Annual G.P. (Great Britain, 1st)
Spain (2nd)
Belgium (3rd)
Russia (2nd)
Eiffel GPS (Norbergring, 2e)
Portugal (3E)
Bahrain (2E)
Abu Dhabi (1E)


Bahrain (2E)
Emilia-Romagna (Imola, 1e)
Portugal (2E)
Spain (2nd)
Monaco (1E)
France (1st)
Styria (1st)
Austria (1st)

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Verstappen also breaks a unique age record: looking back at the best stage seats

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