Verstappen criticizes FIA after red flags in Australia: “Are you making such a mess”

Max Verstappen was not satisfied with the performance of race management during the Australian Grand Prix. According to Verstappen, a red flag waved three times by the FIA ​​was completely unnecessary. The Red Bull driver believes this only creates additional danger and confusion.

We had to start early, but the race in Australia did not disappoint. There was a lot to do from the start and the first red flag showed itself early in the race. However, the real chaos was saved for last, ie the last few rounds. The red flag waved again, the restart took place, and immediately there was another red flag. A good thing, Verstappen later concludes. According to him, it also ensures that the FIA ​​creates confusion. In a red flag situation, the tires become too cold and create dangerous conditions.

Cold tires are dangerous when braking

Verstappen was initially little aware of the chaos unfolding behind him. Only later, he saw on pictures that it was a mess and many cars had crashed. He later criticized the FIA. “You also create (that confusion, ed.) when you send out a safety car that drives slowly, and as a result, you don’t have any temperature in your tires,” he said after the race. Through the game.

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He continues: “You drive towards the grid with tires twenty degrees cooler than normal. Then of course you have very little grip at the start, but enough to brake,” he points to the high number of incidents.

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The FIA ​​itself created confusion with the red flag

So the reigning world champion did not understand why the FIA ​​always held the red flag. “That first corner was just a mess. I don’t understand why we got those red flags anyway. Everything that happened, you could have solved eventually with a crane or something. You make such a mess with those red flags,” he grumbles. .

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