Verstappen does not understand Hamilton’s comment: ‘This is how Lewis won his F1 titles’

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Max Verstappen has a dimension Dutch Grand PrixThe Dutchman, who beat the Dutchman ahead of George Russell and Charles Leclerc, responded to Lewis Hamilton’s comments last week about Adrian Newey and his important role.

According to Hamilton, Verstappen owes Newey and his expertise that the RB18 is extremely fast in 2022. During the post-race press conference, Verstappen told the media present, including GPFans, I don’t know much about this. “Of course the team is an important reason for my good performance, but that is also how Lewis won his Formula 1 titles. That’s how things work in this sport. The car is very important, but if you have an exceptional driver like Hamilton, you make the difference compared to your teammates.”


Then Verstappen comes up with an example of Hamilton’s race to show that a driver can really make a difference. “For me, a good example for Hamilton is the race in Turkey, when it was very slippery. You don’t have to make too many mistakes, otherwise you won’t win a race like this then. That’s what good drivers do in the end. Then you can make the difference compared to other drivers.” The car is dominant in Formula 1, but between two teammates only one can win. Then you have to make the difference that way.”


For now, Verstappen will not be too concerned about the comments by Hamilton, who is about 150 points behind Verstappen. The world champion can already become a champion from Singapore, but that will most likely happen in Japan, the United States or Mexico. Verstappen has a lead over Leclerc and Sergio Perez now with 109 points.

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