Verstappen leaves room for improvement: “There are still things that could be improved”

Max Verstappen started racing activity this weekend in Bahrain. The Dutchman scored twice as fast in training sessions on Friday, and thus brimming with confidence to qualify and race.

Unlike previous seasons, Formula 1 shortened Friday’s training sessions by one hour. Previously, these sessions took an hour and a half. Hence, the drivers have a shorter time and this guarantees more work on the track. Usually, not everyone goes out at the same time. By shortening the courses, drivers have to go up on the asphalt, because they also want to do long distances. It’s a tweak Verstappen could appeal to.

Long distances from the best Mercedes

“I think it’s a good thing in and of itself. I think you’ll also have enough time to try things out in a matter of hours,” Verstappen said in the new setup in Ziggo Sport. The long distances in the first free tournaments went well for the Dutchman. When you put them next to Mercedes cars, Verstappen can only be satisfied. Verstappen said: “I think my long distances were fine, although the balance with the tires was not great. It looked good compared to Mercedes. But there is still room for improvement there as well.”

Pole position for Verstappen?

Verstappen finished the 2020 season with center stage and then also announced the win from that venue. All in all, the smooth winter test and fast times in Friday’s training sessions, that create expectations. Can he start the season in pole position? “It’s always good to start in first place. It means you have the fastest car. This is a track where you can get a really good car in the qualifiers, but if you don’t get it in the race you wear your rear. Tires very fast, so we have to find a good balance. over there “.

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