Verstappen on the most beautiful victory of 2021: ‘It is very difficult to choose one’

Max Verstappen has been allowed to race in Zandvoort for the first time in his Formula 1 career this season. However, Limburger can’t really enjoy those special weekend memories in the Netherlands now, months later.

Verstappen has won ten different races this season. This grand prize was for Emilia-Romagna, Monaco, France, Styria, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Mexico and Abu Dhabi. Each of these were, of course, special victories. But which one was the most beautiful? It turned out to be a difficult question. “What’s the most out of it? When you win in Austin,” Verstappen says at Ziggo Sports“We didn’t really have to win there in terms of speed, but first place and then we won the race thanks to the strategy.”

“I find it very difficult to choose,” the 24-year-old continues. “I really liked Monaco, but this race was very boring, but it has to be won. Then they won those two races in Austria by dominating. Of course also Zandvoort. Everyone expects you to win there, it’s not that easy. Pole Position was really great and then the whole race , with all the pressure from the Mercedes cars on different strategies, to win it after all… That was great, but when I crossed the line I was also really impressed with, ‘It was done. “

Zandvoort Grand Prix

The Dutchman remembers that special Sunday in September. “I always try to stay as neutral as possible during the season. I try not to correspond with positive or negative emotions. Of course I was happy with the win, but I can enjoy it more now than before,” he explains outside. He says it was a special moment. “Of course you are also proud of this country, as a Dutchman of course, for sure.”

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Verstappen knows the pressure back home was too high. “Everyone wants you to win, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” Certainly not, because Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were very close. “They were faster there, too.” All in all, the Red Bull driver really enjoyed racing the renewed Zandvoort circuit. “It was a very interesting track, especially in qualifying with the new corners. It was really great for a Formula 1 car.”

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