Verstappen plays a fighter after last year’s title fighter

Current Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen is enjoying the opportunity to enter the 2022 title fight as a player. He is currently 19 points behind Dutchman Charles Leklerk.

Verstappen, 24, has won three Grand Prix so far and won his first sprint of the year. Despite that performance, he is still lagging behind in the championship, thanks to his retirement in Bahrain and Australia. But nothing was lost. Formula 1 is subject to its busiest calendar this year, and RB18 is getting better and better after a tough start.


The Red Bull driver stopped Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season and won his first championship at the end of the season. When asked if he wants to hunt or be hunted, Verstappen replied: “I’m glad I’re in the car now, because I know the car is fast. At the end of last year, of course, I was. I know there’s no speed. ” Ultimately, the most decisive factor is the performance of the car. “I know it’s going to be very tough until the end. So yes, it depends a bit on how competitive you are,” Limburger concludes.

‘The hole is slowly getting smaller’

Ferrari driver Leklerk has topped the championship for the first time in his career and will be battling Verstappen for his first title of all season this year. To his competitor’s same question, Leklerk replied: “Well, I think we’ve only been in the same position since the start of the season, which means we’re hunted now. I honestly like this position because it means you’re doing something right.” Yet he feels the Dutchman’s warm breath around his neck. “But we have two races now, where the gap is slowly narrowing. But yes, I do not care what position I am in, I just want to be more competitive. And for now it looks like the Red Bull has the upper hand in races,” Monegask concluded.

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