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“It was delicious,” Max Verstappen shouted on the radio after his spectacular victory at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. The Red Bull defeated world champion Ferrari’s Charles Leklerk in a thrilling battle on a narrow street in Jetta.

The two fought to the end. After his 21st victory in Formula 1 racing, the Dutchman said, “We fought hard, it’s a matter of a long breath. It was not easy, but in the end it worked.”

At the end of the race Verstappen noticed that Leklerk had more problems with the tires, however he also noticed that the rubber was eroding faster than he wanted. “Then I finally had a chance to attack, but it was so hard to predict where I could go. It was so exciting because when I overtook him, he could still get close behind me. I’m so happy. With success, my season really is. Starting now, “Limburger said.

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Good luck
Verstappen admits he was a bit lucky in the safety car that came on the track 17 rounds out of 50 in the Nicholas Latifi (Williams) crash. “As a result, I moved from third to second. I had good speed then and I could try to catch Leklerk,” Verstappen explained to Viaplay.

When Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo had to retire, he actually got the chance to attack, when Verstappen was able to get close enough to use his DRS when it was called a virtual security car. This allowed him to give extra gas straight for a long time. Verstappen and Leklerk both overtook each other and engaged in an attractive wheel-to-wheel battle. “Leklerk was very fast in the corners and I’re very fast in the straight. It’s not easy to pass because Charles played brilliant tricks in the last corner.”

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Tough but fair
“It’s not enough, I’m obviously disappointed I did not win, but I enjoyed the race. It was tough, but fair. Every match should be like this,” Leklerk said after the race.

“I was fast at the corners, but at Max Straits. I rarely had to push it to such a limit that it was so hard to keep Max away from me. It was a constant race at the border, but respectfully each other,” said the Monaco-based driver.

World Cup stages
Leklerk, who won the first race, continues to top the World Cup with 45 points. Science (33 points) has more points than Limburger, surpassing Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the rankings. Hamilton tenth in Jetta, Russell fifth.

The still-growing Formula 1 season with Australian GP will continue in two weeks.

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