Verstappen thinks he knows why F1 is growing so fast in America

In recent years, Formula 1 has succeeded in something that initially seemed almost impossible: gaining a foothold in the United States. Max Verstappen also sees the sport growing in popularity in the US, according to the Dutchman, and this also has to do with the sport’s openness.

For years it seemed almost impossible to set foot in Formula 1 in the United States. But this has changed in recent years. The sport is on the rise thanks to the success of the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”. The seniors immediately benefited from the growing popularity, because there are three majors in the US next season.

Current world champion Max Verstappen also sees the sport growing in the United States. The Dutch Red Bull Racing driver believes that increasing the importance of the sport is more important. Speaking to, he referred to the Netflix series: “I think everyone has been wondering why there isn’t an actual start here. I think people have gained more insight in recent years, including through Netflix. I think the sport was It was closed until a few years ago, and you couldn’t really get close to the teams.”

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