Vertonkjes, from Volkensward, moved to Australia in 1955 with 16 children. Who is still in touch with this family? | From the old box

EINDHOVEN – The Walkensward family of Verdonk emigrated to Australia in 1955, no less than eighteen. Pictured here is the departure of France von Mirelo. How did family members behave on the other side of the world? We would like to get in touch with those who have more information via [email protected]. See for more photos.

Photographer Franz van Mierlo presented his entire work to the Regional History Center. Together with readers, ED searches for the stories behind the photos. Know more about photography? Report it to [email protected].

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Celebration of billiard champion Heng Skolde at Eindhoven. S Franz von Myrlo

A colorful person and exceptionally talented billiard player. This is how readers describe Henk Skolde, who was honored as the Dutch champion in 1955 in last week’s photo. This is the first degree of many, and it will be revealed later. The photo was taken in front of his parents’ cafe in Bostijk.

Born in Taragan

Cheese Sprangers wrote in his book Encyclopedia of the Honor Class Born in 1932 in Tarragona (Dutch East Indies), Skolt is no less than five pages long. A year later, the family moved to the Netherlands, where his father started a cafe in Eindhoven.

In that cafe he learned the basics of Scott billiards. His first victory was in the final of the second class of the Dutch National Championship in 1951. Skolt excels in several classes and competes in 54 Dutch championships. He won 22 times and finished on stage 49 times.

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A thousand guilders

It was held at a hotel in Jhelum in 1970 when Tol van der Bregen participated in the Scholt NK Libre. Before the match against the Fiat cut, a Weldowan contractor promised Henk if he could make a five hundred carrom series for 1000 guilders. Fiat was allowed to dismiss, then Henk completed the series in seventeen minutes. We kept track of time and Henk happily stacked the bills. “

Revenue is welcome because even the best players are not rich from billiards, as the Sprangers know. After winning an NK, they were left with a trophy and a new TV with a little luck. So many players organized demonstration matches for themselves, but it was not really allowed by the association. This caused much dissatisfaction and even led to the installation of the Neuer Netherlands Biljard Bond, in which Sholde also changed. However, an attempt to bleed for more than a year. “

Brittle health

With the old federation, Skolt continues to win internationally. He is a seven-time European champion and a two-time finalist at the World Championships. When he put an end to his career in 1971, Skolt left the film. Until 1996 he appeared in an interview. His health was fraught with several minor heart attacks and two brain hemorrhages. Two years later, news came that Skolt had passed away.

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