Very interested in walking in Marbella 4 days 2022

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Organizers expect at least 2,500 participants from all over the world for this annual walking event. The 11th edition of Marbella 4Days Walking will take place this year from October 6-9. Hikers from 31 countries come to Marbella for a walking holiday and partying. Every day they discover a different part of the city and its surroundings while on a 10, 20 or 30 kilometer route.

Boost engagement

The number of infantrymen has steadily increased in recent versions. This year saw a peak in the number of recordings compared to previous editions. Normally, about 1,000 participants registered just before the summer. For the 2022 edition, there are already more than 1,500.

According to Arabella M. Wessels, the new event director, this can only be attributed to the fact that after the pandemic, people are eager to travel again and have great experiences.

“Over the years, our event has become known to a large audience and many people have returned with their families and friends. This year we are seeing a huge increase in groups of friends who want to enjoy a week or weekend of fun and sports together. They ask us about the best beaches, local gastronomy and where to party To make the most of their short break.”

Among the nationalities that have applied, the most important countries at the moment are the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. But hikers from Japan, Mexico and Lithuania have already registered. The average age of the participants was between 35 and 65 years.

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Road Experiences

Hikers can register the number of days they want to participate in and choose between 10, 20 or 30 kilometer trails. All roads have their own names: Playa Route, Vistas Route, Verde Route and Lago Route. Although the event is classified as an “urban walk,” some routes take nature trails or on the beach.

walking and dancing

Marbella 4 Days Walking is not only a walk but also a party. The start from the walking village in Plaza del Mar is accompanied by live music and when the pedestrians return, the party begins. They meet friends and family for a drink and dance to the music of many live artists and DJs.

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