Video Call Confirms Russian Black Sea Commander Sokolovs Status After Ukrainian Claim

Headline: Ukrainian Claim of Admiral’s Death in Attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet Headquarters Under Question

In a recent development, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, the commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, was reported to have been killed along with 33 other officers in a missile attack on the headquarters. However, the authenticity of this claim is being questioned by both Russian and Ukrainian authorities.

Russian state television had earlier showcased Admiral Sokolov attending a defense leaders’ meeting remotely, countering the Ukrainian special forces’ assertion. The Russian defense ministry released a video and photographs showing Sokolov participating in a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and other army chiefs to dismiss the claims made by Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s counterclaim, Ukrainian special forces remained skeptical of the Russian footage, and their units are actively verifying its authenticity. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on the Ukrainian claim, stating that reporters should refer to the defense ministry for further information.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov neither confirmed nor denied Sokolov’s death but expressed that, if true, it would be considered good news for Ukraine. Meanwhile, in the video released by the Russian defense ministry, Shoigu alleged that over 17,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in September, highlighting the losses suffered by Ukrainian forces along the entire front line.

In addition, Shoigu criticized the United States and its allies for supplying arms to Ukrainian forces, emphasizing what he perceived as the Kyiv regime sending untrained soldiers into futile assaults. This conflicting information portrays a complex situation on the ground with both sides making different claims.

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According to the Belfer Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School, recent reports indicate that Russia has gained 35 square miles of territory from Ukraine in the past month, while Ukrainian forces have captured 16 square miles from Russian forces. These territorial gains further exacerbate tensions in the region.

As the situation continues to unfold, with conflicting reports on the claimed death of Admiral Sokolov and escalating territorial disputes, it is crucial to obtain accurate and verified information from reliable sources.

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