Video: Silent march in honor of murdered businessman John Fasilda

From left to right his wife, initiator and son.

Today, from the Vas supermarket in Javaweg in Suriname, a silent tour was conducted by family members, locals and acquaintances of A murdered businessman John Fasilda.

The initiative Picked up by local resident Luis Notosweto, who described their dear neighbor Fasilda as a very sociable person. The 150-runners started roughly from the supermarket with Rooslaan as the final destination for Firma GR Sing. Everything was supervised by the cyclists from Lillydorp station.

A short speech delivered by the wife, initiator and son (s) of the murdered businessman. With the Silent March, people wanted to show sympathy to relatives and help alleviate suffering. But attention is also being drawn to the government of Suriname to tackle crime and ensure the safety of the community.

John, who was at the grocery store last week Killed by Dean L.He was a very sociable person, and he belonged to the large Javoig family. He kept his shop running to keep the locals together. On small matters, the neighbor can always knock on his door.

“We were so close to each other that when John liked something he just asked the neighbor to prepare something and bring it to the store and then eat with the neighbors,” says the initiator who said John would be missed.

The businessman will be buried on Wednesday, January 18th.

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