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Sunday and Monday kept minds busy: Serval on the run from Herkenbosch.

The animal has been back on owner Eric Aspers’ fence since Monday morning. Although a search by the police and Aspers itself revealed nothing on Monday night, Serval was at the door again in the morning.

From Spain
Aspers even came straight back from Spain to get his big cat back. “I could only catch the animal by me. I searched at night from Sunday to Monday until 02:30 in the morning. I already saw her at that time, but I could not catch her.” […] I have two servants. I think the male called the female and that’s why she came back. “I’m glad she’s back,” Aspers said Monday morning.

Enough space
According to Aspers, people sometimes think his servants live in a “little cage,” which he says isn’t true. “There’s a normal cat inside and also a rabbit in a cage. At least they have space here. I’ve been to a zoo, and they don’t have half of it yet,” says de Herkenbucher in front of L1mburg.

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The video below shows how Serval managed to escape.

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