Video: Watch footage from Aston Martin’s race weekend in Australia

In his third Grand Prix of 2023, Fernando Alonso managed to continue his success this year. The two-time world champion finished another third after a chaotic Grand Prix at Melbourne Park. A week after racing in Australia, Aston Martin shared some never-before-seen footage with its fans.

The entire race weekend in Australia was a spectacle. Qualifying was exciting, but twenty Formula 1 drivers went the extra mile during the race. Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso managed to finish third for the third race in a row, with or without a glimmer of luck due to the loss of podium rival George Russell.

Until the next race is rescheduled, Aston Martin has decided to release never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage on social media. Check out how the drivers, mechanics and others experienced the crazy race weekend in the video below.

Watch the video below 🙁2:55 min)

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