May 26, 2024


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Viewers expect: This is the first leak of The Masked Singer | to watch

Viewers expect: This is the first leak of The Masked Singer |  to watch

The first episode of the new season of disguised singer It sparked another wave of speculation on social media. Who will hide in the crocodile, the scarecrow or the stranger? All sorts of names went through the review, but for one participant, these suggestions are over tonight. You can read from this later in the article.

Like every season, the candidates, wearing the most exclusive suits, did their best to conceal their true identities. Committee members Carlo Bouchard, Loretta Shriver, Buddy Vader, and Gerard Gouling had to reveal the celebrities. And that was quite disappointing: the crocodile, the scarecrow, the alien, the swan, and cupid didn’t make it easy for the quartet.

The Crocodile started tonight with a crushing performance and brought in his own version of the song Nutbush city limits. Gerard Juling noted that the green monster can sing well. Viewers at home have also noticed this and names like Belle Perez and Emma Heesters have also been mentioned. However, none of the committee members were sure which name was unanimously pronounced. And for now, it will be kept a secret for a while hiding in the suit, because the crocodile has been allowed another round by the public.

The same is true of the scarecrow who came running happily on stage and dancing. Not only did it stop at the hysterical turnout, but also during the song the candidate sang – Diamond From Sam Smith – Party Stayed. Jamai, Alberto Stegeman, Lil’ Kleine, and Marc-Marie Huijbregts were then considered, but viewers at home and at the panel were again left in the dark: the audience found the Scarecrow interesting enough not to have to reveal itself yet.

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The Scarecrow in The Masked Singer.

The Scarecrow in The Masked Singer. © RTL 4

Then it was the swan’s turn. She gave so many different hints that it was almost impossible for the committee to guess who was hiding in the suit. From traveling the world, writing columns to choosing a wedding dress: starting points have gone in all directions. However the names are mentioned. Katja Schuurmann, among others, was a suspicious celebrity, but Marga Bolt, Raven van Dorst and Louisa Lammers were also mentioned.

The alien’s performance began in the first second with a hint that was obvious to many viewers: the word “joe joe,” which radio DJ Bram Krikke often uses. However, it seems that the committee and the viewers at home were misled, because then Resima and de Volkskrant back in the picture. And these tips would once again betray journalist and presenter Sander Schmelbenink.

The costume that was allowed to close the show was the Cupid’s costume. No note was sung before the entire hall became untamed. A real artist had to hide in this suit. I immediately think of Jan Verstige. Quite the man, she says,” Buddy Vedder quickly added a penny. The fact that Cupid can also sing and dance didn’t make it any easier.

Cupido in The Masked Singer.

Cupido in The Masked Singer. © RTL4

After all the speculation it’s time for a group number. This was supposed to provide more clarity, but the committee soon noticed that it didn’t really help. And so it was just guesswork and naming different names. One thing became clear to the audience in the hall: the swan had to take off the mask and reveal itself.

This revelation turned out to be the surprise of the evening. It wasn’t Katja Schuurmann, Marga Bolt, or Patti Braard in the suit, but Anita Weitzie. The committee cried out upon detection. “Oh no,” Bouchard shouted. ‘We didn’t guess it all,’ Gulling concluded dryly.

According to Witzier, the allusions clearly led to her. “The thing that could not be missed is cultivation. At the beginning of this year I introduced the program new farmersWitzier explained. And so all the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place.

Viewers at home also didn’t see Witzier’s reveal coming. “I never thought about that” and “Well done Anita,” were some of the reactions.

The swan in the masked singer

The swan in the masked singer © RTL 4

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