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star arrangement He was closely associated with Paul de Leo for many years, which he started in 2006. He will not present the new season, as he recently canceled his contract with RTL is over.

De Leeuw continued to do individual projects for the company, but said star arrangement Much to his disappointment, he was not able to do so. RTL denied this and spoke about Paul’s choice. He was reportedly unhappy that the show would run on RTL 5 and not, as promised, on RTL 4. Last summer, it became clear that Eddy Zoëy had taken over. takes over.

Homesickness on Twitter wasn’t so much a criticism of Eddie as the apparent lack of Paul. “star arrangement Without Paul de Leo no star arrangementIt was one of the many messages on Twitter, where the program was popular topic used to be. “Paul de Leo was totally in his element and made the whole show.” This feeling was unanimous:

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With the arrival of Eddy Zoëy, the show will also have a different character, as today promised. It won’t be “happy TV” anymore. We want to make it more positive with more friendship. It doesn’t always have to be stiff or have a straight leg inside.”

That doesn’t mean the show is any less flat, it turns out tonight. Although jokes have sometimes been more sexually explicit in recent years, no one has ever talked about a ‘shot clitoris’ clitoris, as Gabe Blaser said of Willie Wartal when asked which celebrities cause the most fireworks in the bed. Hygiene expert Rob Geus also had to pay, because according to the influencer he ‘only wets a sponge’.

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Announcer instead of the joker

Eddy Zoëy saw up front that he would be compared to Paul de Leeuw and it might not be funny. He explained that this was not his role.

Unlike Paul, he is a kind of reporter, so celebrities can tell jokes. If only you could laugh at the end. “Indeed, I think that’s quite a relief. I would have found it more difficult if, like Paul de Leeuw, I had to be very sharp and very joking with an expected joke intensity of 100 per minute. Then I would have said no.”

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