Viewers of the movie “Steenrijk, Poor Street” moved into a poor family

Just outside Emmen, Ada, Hans and Ashley Veltman live with Ashley’s fiancée Ezra. “Everyone enters here,” the family says cheerfully. But this joy is not self-evident: in addition to serious financial problems, the family is hit by blow after another.

For example, Hans is struggling with his health and also suffers great suffering: he lost two of his three children. Ada’s health is also fragile: she had multiple infarctions and was therefore completely rejected. After all, Ezra also suffers from two diseases, Usher syndrome and Marfan disease, which make his future uncertain.

So the viewers are impressed with the family, who lives in a positive mood despite all the misery.

They’ll get prizes for the world, and it looks like they’ll get them in Monaco too: Atoysa – the owner of a catering company Private jets – I prepared at least 3,000 euros for the Feltman family to spend during their week in Monaco. The family doesn’t know what they’re going through, even when they entered the million-dollar villa a little earlier. Dynasty! “.

And then that week full of caviar and shopping and wellness hadn’t started yet.

Too rich, poor She can be seen every Wednesday at 8:30 PM on SBS6. Watch tonight’s episode Here back.

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