Viewers revel in Bridgerton’s historic errors: “Oh my God, Primark” | Television

The historical series Bridgerton was a huge hit on Netflix: during its first 28 days on the Netflix streaming platform, the series was already watched by more than 63 million accounts. Comprehensive review, as some Twitter users can spot some flaws.

For example, many viewers notice that in one of the scenes a yellow line can be seen on the street, indicating that parking is not allowed there. These lines were first introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1960s, while the series is set in 1813. One user laughs: “I didn’t know the British in the nineteenth century were such pioneers.” I really enjoyed Bridgerton, but seriously: the yellow line, despite all the technology available to filmmakers nowadays? ”

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There are many errors that must be discovered. For example, viewers can see modern street lights, parking signs, and modern doorbells. And even more surprising: posters of the Primark fashion chain were noticed many times. This series was only founded in the year 1969. Some scenes were shot near a branch of the store in Bath. One fan writes: “If anyone is curious about where I live, just watch a movie Bridgerton. I can direct you in several scenes in nearby Primark.” Also: “If anyone thinks Bridgerton is fictional, this building on the left is Primark.”

Netflix announced last week that the second season of “Bridgerton” is coming. Instead of Daphne, who starred in Season 1, this time we’ll take a closer look at the life of her brother Lord Anthony Bridgerton.

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