May 26, 2024


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Viewers were shocked by a blunder in the Netflix Christmas movie

Viewers were shocked by a blunder in the Netflix Christmas movie

movie news – In the UK in particular, people don’t seem particularly happy about the bug…

In most cases, a Christmas movie doesn’t generate much controversy…it’s up to you Kind hearted birthday However, a little different.

Christmas crackers

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in the UK is undoubtedly the Christmas cracker. This is the kind of gift that you should put together for two. The one who pulls the longest straw at the end gets the gift in which to find it.

This tradition has been going on for many years in the UK. However, people in the United States seem to be less familiar with the tradition. On Twitter, for example, several (English) viewers expressed themselves by saying that there was something terribly wrong with the movie.

no research

In one of the scenes of the film, the viewer can see how Jimmy and Scott open their cracker…as mentioned earlier, that’s not really the intention. Many viewers find it inconceivable that this error crept into the film. They even accuse the production of not doing enough research.

Do you want to see this error with your own eyes? This is not a problem at all! Kind hearted birthday It can also be streamed Netflix.