Vijnoldam has no news yet about FC Barcelona

Vijnaltoom’s agent was spotted in Barcelona last week. “So I can’t deny that there are connections,” Vijnaltham laughs. “By the end of next month I will be without a transfer, which will be interesting for the clubs.”

Vijnaltam has not ruled out his future plans depending on whether Ronald Coman will be Barcelona’s coach next season. The club management of the best club in Spain will let you know within two weeks which coaching team to stand for in the new football year. Koman’s administration regrets the matter. President Joan Laporte’s comment that Comen was rushed to a hospital was misleading to Comen and his supervisors. “I’m very healthy,” replied the former national coach of Orange.


“I don’t know the details,” Vijnaltham says. “But I can only say that it’s a shame that things like this are not usually resolved domestically. Unfortunately you see this happening more often in football. Not just in Barcelona.”

The 30-year-old Vijnaltham understands that many do not understand why he is leaving Liverpool after five years. “I will explain it sometimes, but it did not come from me. I have not decided not to sign anything on a new contract,” he said. “I explained it to my Liverpool team and they fully understand me.”


Vijnaltham won the Champions League and bid farewell to the national champion club last week. “A Liverpool legend, for the present and the future,” said his Dutch midfielder’s coach Jurgen Klopp. “He is a wonderful, happy and selfless person. I can not describe what he did for our team. Vijnaltham is a special person. We see him as a family.”

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“Those words made me very emotional,” Vijnaltham said. “Not all players at Liverpool say goodbye like that.”

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