Vimek Ball breaks the Dutch record in Oslo | sport

That was eleven hundred faster than the old record I set on June 10 in the Diamond League match in Florence. Coach Paul Laurent Mooy responded enthusiastically from Oslo: It was a good race from Fimke. The focus today was on the second part of the race. I wanted Femke to turn Part One as quickly as Part Two. To that end, she had to perform the first half efficiently to handle the second part well. Fimke did it perfectly tonight, because for the first time she ran all the hurdles in 15 steps, so there weren’t 16 steps between the hurdles for the last two hurdles like in Florence”

It will start on Sunday in Stockholm during the fifth match of the Diamond League and shortly thereafter at the Hungarian Sixfervar. Meuwly is already looking forward to the coming weeks. ,, Fimke will face American Shamir Little for the first time in the next two matches, who has already reached 53.12 this season. If Fimki keeps running like tonight, she can compete with the fast American women in Tokyo during the Olympics.”

Last week, Sydney McLaughlin shone during the US Trials with a world record in the 400-meter hurdles of 51.90. Paul is fourth in the rankings, with Little allowed to go to the games. This year, Paul has already set eleven Dutch records. Indoors five times in the 400m, outdoors twice in the 400m flat, now twice in the 400m hurdles and she has already broken two records in the relay.

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