Viola Holt thinks she is magnetic only after contact with the vaccine

‘A friend I hadn’t seen in a long time came for coffee. She takes a pair of nail scissors from her bag and places them on her chest. To my surprise, the scissors are still sticking out. ‘ “Violin, I’m a magnet,” he says.

Viola did not understand: ‘Then how come you are not vaccinated? I try it with my own scissors and I am magnetic too. ‘

Then there is only one logical explanation. ‘I once saw a video of this happening among vaccinators. And there are those who say that those who are not vaccinated can become infected. I only hugged the two people I vaccinated with, otherwise I would have kept a safe distance. I do not judge, but I do not understand. Isn’t that weird? ‘

According to many virologists, this is not only bizarre, but also great nonsense. “It has absolutely nothing to do with magnetism,” said virologist Steven van Kutch The Importance of Limburg. “The contents of a jar of yogurt are as biologically non-magnetic as a vaccine, but these principles apply to the story of a cowboy shot. Monitoring device Or be a chip. A fraud. “Both Pfizer and Modern vaccines contain purely biological molecules,” says Van Wood. There is no metal or iron in them. “

Our king also had his first shot. Which, exactly, is what keeps his lips tight:

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