Violent Ireland in the Anti-Lock Demo calls for ங்களை D66 vaccine sources

D66 party leader Sikrit Gock wants to give more access to public life to vaccinated people. For this, the vaccination certificate must be introduced, the party hopes. The same freedoms apply to individuals who have been shown to have negative coronet results.

“There seems to be a barrier to the word vaccine evidence, but that’s what we need,” Cock said in a speech at an online party conference. “Obviously temporary, with guarantees of privacy conditions and priority at the European level.”

People who have been vaccinated “don’t have to wait for life” until everyone is vaccinated don’t think D66 is right. “As for the Netherlands, let’s take an example from Israel, where vaccinated people will regain social life,” Gock says.

Discussions on the vaccine passport are already ongoing between European countries. Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte has stated on behalf of the Netherlands that he has no objection in principle. However, the implementation of this should be critically examined, he said. Germany and Austria are also in favor.

The Health Council in the Netherlands has advised people to be very careful with the vaccination certificate. In fact only if there are no other options can the parties consider considering proof of vaccination.

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