Virologist Marion Copmans: Stick to Five Feet

Stick to the 1.5m rule for some time! Virologist Marion Koopmans made this call this week in Virus Facts. Minister Hugo de Jong said the base could go into trash in June. Koopmans hopes this, but she wants us to remain cautious: “Let’s not waste space too soon,” she says on the podcast.

Virus facts # 26 – patients are younger, but more treatable

House of Representatives de Jong said on Thursday that the one and a half meter rule with access tests may no longer be necessary. After all, if everyone somewhere has tested negative, the virus will no longer be able to spread. This can give vent to restaurants and events, as the one and a half meter rule is sometimes difficult to apply.

However, Copmans points out that you can’t stop everything, not even with the test. “You are also seeing clusters of infections developing in field laboratory experiments,” she says. Therefore it considers it risky with current trading to jeopardize the distance rule. “At the moment, we don’t want to add this risk,” she says. It depends on how quickly the epidemic is weakening: if the number of infections decreases, there may be more room.


Nor does she think it necessary to specifically delete this line. “The distance scale is relatively simple and there is evidence that it works. This is evidenced by the evaluation studies of RIVM, where large-scale population screening has been conducted. Something that works should be used for as long as it is needed,” she says.

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Virologist would be very sorry if the pandemic lasted longer because we started hugging en masse. “Let’s not waste this space, I just want a nice summer,” she says.

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