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Would you like to take a closer look at all the works from De Nieuwe Vermeer’s broadcasts, or find out more about the master painter from Delft? You can, at the online De Nieuwe Vermeer Museum! Visit the office of Johannes Vermeer, take a look around and find out more about Vermeer.

Vermeer’s workroom

Who was the world famous artist from Delft? How was it working? What makes his creations so lifelike and what are the details that characterize the work of Johannes Vermeer? He discovered it while visiting his office.

Vermeer’s room is interactive and you can look around. Drag and click to move through space. You’re standing in the middle of the room, so don’t forget to pull away so you can see behind you. In this room, experts and jury members Peter Roelofs and Abe Vandeveer explain more about Vermeer’s life and how the painter worked.

For example, click on the table with painting equipment to learn more about the paints and pigments Vermeer used. Or click on the altar to see what role faith played in the painter’s life. In addition to this information about Johannes Vermeer, works by major painters are also on display. After each episode, the works become visible on the walls of the room. Zoom in privately to study the tiniest details at your leisure.

Visit the Vermeer Room

Free category gallery

Online Gallery - The New Vermeer

If you click on the arrow on the floor behind the stand, you enter the online gallery for the free category. Here you can see 180 works in total strung together for each episode. After each episode, the thirty finalists’ works become visible. This room is also interactive and can be played in the same way as the Vermeer room. Drag and click to move around the gallery space. Each artwork is captured so sharply that you can precisely zoom down to a stroke, pen stroke, or even a dice.

Has the broadcasting business gone too fast? Then be sure to visit the online gallery to view all the works at your leisure.

Online Gallery - The New Vermeer - WinnerFor example, are you curious about the winner of the first episode? Then click once on the arrow on the floor in the screening room, swipe a little to the right and there you will see the winner hanging among the other works of “The Gentleman Who Washes His Hands”. Then click on the white icon in the work and you will see the work up close.

Want to hear again what information the artists had to work with? Jury member Peter Roelofs explains it succinctly when you click on one of his photos in the gallery space.

Visit the museum online

Public Museum

The works of the finalists for each episode are suspended in the online exhibition space. Curious about the acts you just missed out on in the finals? Then visit our online public museum. Here you can watch all the other works from the episodes. In addition, this is where the creative Netherlands shows its talent. Because in this exhibition you can also see how the whole of Holland works with the works of Johannes Vermeer.

Public Museum

More Vermeer?

See all of De Nieuwe Vermeer’s additions here:

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