Vitalia Domsch crowns herself the Dutch champion in the Zoutelande competition | Sports in Zeeland

ZOTLAND – Vitalia Domic became the Dutch Drafts champion on Sunday at the Beach Hotel in Sotlande. The prostitute from Alkmaar, who won her first title in 1997 and became champion in 2015 and 2017, defeated Tamar Visser on the final day, while Alkmaar leader Jacqueline Schuten was unable to beat Laura Timmerman.

In the last round, Domsh advanced quickly. Tamar Visser, the Friesian who debuted in Zoutelande, ran in a composition that left her an entire disk behind. And so the match was effectively settled: Domus used the time she had left to think about it to find a decisive winning plan and settled on the winning endgame without any problems.

After her opponent’s victory, Jacqueline Scotten faced an almost impossible task: she had to defeat Laura Timmerman to force her to jump against her fellow district. Timmerman is yet to lose in this tournament and he’s still holding on. It was a tie so Domche was assured of her fourth National title.

The pace of the game accelerates

Jacqueline Scotten saw that two players came by their side on the last day. Heike Verheul defeated Barbara Grass and Ester van Muijen dealt with Daniëlla de Vos. A jump had to be involved at an accelerated pace in play, with two other positions on the platform as bets. Heike Verheul started with a draw with Ester van Muijen. Scott then beat Van Moen but lost in the final round against Verhall who finished second. Scotten came third and Van Moen fell off the podium.

The Dutch National Championships in Zoutelande was the last tournament organized by the Zeeland Women’s Event Foundation. During the award ceremony, the organizers were highlighted by KNDB President Frans de Jong.

Final Ranking

1. Vitalia Domus 7-10
2. Heike Verheul 7 – 9 (after jumping)
3 – Jacqueline Scott 7-9
4 – Esther Van Moen 7-9
5. Laura Carpenter 7 – 8
6. Barbara Grass. 7-5
7- Daniela de Vos 7 – 3
8. Tamar Visser 3-7

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