Vivian Miedema on World Cup-ending torn cruciate ligament: ‘I knew it straight away’ | Dutch football

Vivianne Miedema’s fears have come true. The Arsenal and Orange Lions leading striker has been out for several months with a knee injury. A hospital examination revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Although participation in the World Cup at the end of July has not been ruled out, Maitema has already put an end to the title fight in Australia and New Zealand. “I know right away.”

Meedema struck last Thursday was badly injured Champions League match with Arsenal against Olympique Lyonnais at the Emirates Stadium. Shortly before half-time, she was taken off the field crying on a stretcher. At the time, the Orange’s all-time leading scorer already suspected what she now knew for sure: a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Miedema herself was asked to elaborate via Twitter. “I knew right away. You have a lot on your mind: I can’t help my team this season, no World Cup, surgery and long rehabilitation. I am not going to say here that I will come back strong. It’s hard on a lot of tough days – a lot of crying – but unfortunately that’s part of football.

The striker won’t be operational until early January. That should actually happen this week, but Midima’s knee still looks very swollen from the fluid build-up. Once the operation is complete, a detailed timetable for his rehabilitation will be drawn up, his club Arsenal said. Generally, it takes six to nine months for a top athlete to fully recover from such a severe injury. The first match of the Orange World Cup at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is scheduled for July 23 in Dunedin, New Zealand. It’s been over seven months.

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Andries Jonger sympathizes with Miedema

Andries Jonker, the national coach of the Dutch footballers, sympathized with Vivianne Miedema. “It’s certainly terrible news,” Jonker said. “Firstly Vivienne will need to recover from this serious injury in the coming months, but also for Arsenal and Dutch football. With 115 international caps and 95 goals, Vivienne is invaluable to the Orange Lions. We wish her strength in the coming months after surgery.

It is highly uncertain whether Miedema will be back in time to play his third World Cup for the Orange. The Netherlands are in a group with the United States, Vietnam and countries that have yet to qualify for the World Cup through play-offs. That country was Orange’s first enemy.

Miedema revealed in his article in this newspaper Rather all of his concerns about the many injuries in men’s and women’s soccer. She thinks the playing calendar is too packed and argues for less stress for professional footballers. Miedema has taken a short break in the past and missed an Arsenal match. He seemed recharged and fit for another long season of club and international football. But that won’t happen. Fate has decreed that she will undergo rehabilitation in the coming months.

Miedema’s prolonged absence is Arsenal’s second blow in a short period of time. Last month Beth Meade, Miedema’s girlfriend, had already suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament. And England striker, Sarina Wickman’s key pawn Lions, has been in the rag basket for months. “She can guide me very well through the process that she’s already gone through,” Miedema says of her friend.

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Vivian Miedema will be out with an injury in the Champions League match against Arsenal.

Vivian Miedema will be out with an injury in the Champions League match against Arsenal. © Action Pictures via Reuters

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