Vlissingen ends the reception of 1,000 asylum seekers on a cruise ship

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Vlissingen is giving up taking more than a thousand asylum seekers on a cruise ship in the old sea barracks. The mayor’s college and local council members say they do not feel sufficiently supported by the city council.

“The board has struggled with the consideration made because the situation that has arisen in Ter Apel is very sad and Flesingen is one of the few seaports in the Netherlands with space for a cruise ship,” he said. Radio Zealand From a statement from the college.

According to the municipality, everything has been done to facilitate the arrival of a cruise ship to receive asylum seekers. This was done in consultation with the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). He was the first asylum seekers to transfer to the ship around 1 September.

sensitive issue

Widespread reception plans have been sensitive in Vlissingen since the announcement. At a city council meeting last week, only a slim majority (14 to 12 votes) appeared to have any objection to the asylum seekers’ arrival.

For example, the local party PSR, the largest coalition party, opposed the arrival of the ship. “The camp still has too many people in a very small space,” the party said at the council meeting. “It’s just like chickens, they start pecking at each other, and the annoyance grows.”

However, the board is not officially interested in this matter. The municipal executive can make an independent decision regarding accommodation on the cruise ship. However, due to criticism from various quarters, the board canceled the reception plans.

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