VNG: Don’t announce that the environmental law is controversial

Although earlier today the VNG imposed additional requirements on Minister Olungren (Home Affairs) regarding the introduction of the law, the municipal university organization does not want to adhere to the implementation date. The new postponement could easily allow municipal capacity to flood in for aggressive preparations for entry. This also means that municipalities that are prepared to apply must spend extra time on hand which results in higher implementation costs.

Earlier in the day, VNG called on the minister to create a Plan B in case the digital system environmental law is not prepared in time to introduce the environmental law. In addition, municipalities need clarification before May 1 about the implementation date of January 1, 2022 (which they prefer to keep).

No plan B.
In answering parliamentary questions, Olongren indicated that she does not consider Plan B necessary. You write, “Hook it up.” [door gemeenten] DSO (…) has been enabled for Pass Series and Question Trees since Spring 2020. So I don’t see a need for a Plan B in these areas. Also, in terms of opening up environmental business decisions (STOP is delivered later than planned), a backup plan is no longer necessary. Just as the master plan B is also considered unnecessary in the event that the whole system collapses later.

Not enough idea
In response, VNG states that in the event that parts of the DSO do not work soon, an alternative should be available to the municipalities: “temporary and flexible solutions that we jointly create. What’s more, it has not yet been tested in practice as to whether the DSO functions as a system. VNG, we believe that in the coming period, we must work with all our energy to operate the system and find solutions as it really appears that this is not possible.We do not yet see sufficient reflection of this idea in the letter the Minister sent to the House of Representatives today.

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The ultimate clarity
Another resentment is the agreements regarding the implementation date. In a debate with the Senate, the minister promised Wednesday evening that the Senate might decide “ until summer ” – so in principle until June 21 – to postpone the planned implementation date of January 1, 2022. This is too narrow to implement, according to VNG . There must be final clarity before the first of next May, so that the paths spread in the area of ​​development of the region are not obstructed by the introduction of the environmental law. Clarity of the date when the environmental law came into effect also leads to timely preparation, such as employee training. We want to prevent municipalities from conducting divestments.

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