Vogue Releases New Camala Harris Cover With ‘Right Picture’ | entertainment

Last week the fashion magazine was criticized for being ignorant of it Harris He may post another picture on the cover. to me The Huffington Post-journalist Yashar Ali Harris and Vogue agreed to the final photo, which shows Harris in a blue jumpsuit with a soft yellow / orange background. But in the photo that finally appeared on the cover of the print magazine, Harris was dressed in a black suit with the All Stars. The digital edition of Vogue showed off the photo in a powdery blue suit.

Editor in Chief Anna Wintour Explain the choice of the image. “We chose this image for the print edition, not for the online cover, because we believe Vice President Harris will be shown that way as well. Specifically because it looks so accessible and very original, it’s one of the spears of the Biden / Harris government. We salute both covers and neither.” For us, it has the same strength in both images, “Vogue explained.

The inaugural edition can be ordered from Tuesday on Vogue. And the fashion magazine has not announced the exact number of this distribution.

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