Volkmar and Marleys are the “nightmare” of “buying without looking”

The couple visited construction expert Bob Sikens and real estate agent Alex Van Collen to discuss housing requirements. “You’re not just looking for six bedrooms, but you have more,” Van Keulen sighs. “Bathroom and garage are also preferred.” Bob Sikens happy with the couple: “Very nice job. Very happy with it.” The total budget they have is 575,000 euros.

Volkmar and Marlis

Real estate agent Alex bravely embarks on a search. Dozens of first visits did not lead to anything: everything is too small and there is no place to replenish. As always, compromises have to be made, because “it’s just not possible,” says Van Keulen. Soon after the conversation, the spouses came with good news: they can increase the budget to 625 thousand euros.

This gives the final payment that the broker needs. In no time he managed to buy a wardrobe from a house in Bergschenhoek. Good news for the large family, because they simply will not go crazy in the very small house. When Volkmar and Marlis drive their new home through the puzzle tour, they assume it can’t be. “It even has a garage and a garden. We could never buy this house, but it looks great.”

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