Volleyball players in a hostile atmosphere against Poland


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Dutch volleyball players lost their penultimate match in the Nations League group stage. They lost 3-0 against world champion Poland. The specific positions were 25-19, 25-23 and 25-22.

The match was held in Gdansk, Poland. Poland clearly had an advantage at home: in a hall filled with 7,000 spectators, there was a lot of atmosphere, although the attitude towards the Dutch players was hostile.

Throughout the match, whistles were given to the Dutch players who had to serve. In the first group, this happened sparingly and it seemed that the siren was directed mainly at Fabian Black, and later all the Dutch players whistled loudly.

In the first set the score was 16-16, but then the Netherlands made some crucial mistakes and soon Poland ran to 25-19. In the second and third groups, the Netherlands stayed with it a little longer, but in the decisive moments, the Poles simply finished it.

Not sure about the next round yet

Poland took the lead in the Nations League group stage with this win. The Netherlands remains in eighth place in the ranking. This place qualifies you for a place in the final week of the Nations League.

And coach Roberto Piazza’s team plays, on Sunday, against Italy. In case of defeat, orange depends on the results of Argentina and Slovenia. Argentina plays against the United States and Slovenia against Poland.

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