Voorburgs Dagblad | “Space for four Duivesteyn beach volleyball courts”

Through a group of residents of Sportpark Duivesteyn, the CDA group received questions about site selection for the beach volleyball court at Sportpark Duivesteyn. The CDA also took note of the answers to the questions of the GBV section. “The CDA faction considers it extremely important that the site be carefully chosen,” said Councilor Jan Hendricks. “Once the plans are finalized, the importance of implementation is often very great.”

“Can we conclude from the answers to GBLV (1621) questions that there is space for four beach volleyball courts in Sports Park Duivesteyn? Why is it being considered whether – within the budget reserved – it will be an additional beach volleyball court constructed at Sportpark Westvliet?” Hendrix asked for a local councilor, Nadine Stemerdink (PvdA), who responded as follows.

“Yes. There is space in Sportpark Duivesteyn for 4 beach volleyball courts that will be used by the Volevo volleyball club. In addition, Sportpark Westvliet is also being considered, because at a later stage other sports clubs also presented a desire to the municipality to use the beach fields” .

Photo: digital newspaper

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