Vorburgs Dagblad | A space to enjoy again

Did it take you a while to get used to you the last few days? No need for a mouth cap everywhere anymore. Enjoy a nice dinner on the terrace for a longer time. Or attend a party and visit the museum. It felt relaxing as a relief to many. He is finally able to do the activities he has longed for. More options for entrepreneurs to serve food to welcome guests. The cultural sector that has opened up more and we can enjoy a beautiful performance or exhibition together. All this relaxation gives you and me space.

We have seen it often on the signs: give each other space. We got this far by sticking with it. This created a different space. Space to enjoy again. But please let’s remain vigilant and approach the matter responsibly so as not to waste this acquired space. That’s why it’s still exciting.

At the same time, we can also relax. Looking forward positively and hoping for a nice summer period. In the coming weeks, many will begin to prepare for the holiday. An unusual and memorable school year is approaching. Take care of the people, our police officers and emergency workers who have all worked so hard over the past year, and we look forward to a moment of peace and space to catch your breath. Everyone is very blessed: a beautiful period of relaxation, and a wonderful summer!

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