Vorburgs Dagblad | Forli real estate development started

Development of the Landgoed Voorlei on the Veursestraatweg in Leidschendam will begin slowly in the coming months. Additional preparations being made to enable the investigation are now being considered, including a recent application for a logging permit. The zoning plan was approved earlier this spring.

Landgoed Voorlei, better known as Schakenbosch, is located in the historic estate district. A wooded area between Fleet and the edge of the dunes where the wealthy owned their country estates in the 17th and 18th centuries. Landgoed Voorlei ideas are inspired by Dutch landscape architecture. In addition to the (additional) green space and the restoration of the many monumental buildings on the site, there is also space for new construction in the plan.

unique place
“This creates a beautiful blend of heritage with new architecture in a place where nature retains control,” says project manager Arjen Mulder of developer group Borghese Real Estate and Kondor Wessels. In Landgoed Voorlei you will soon live in the midst of greenery, among flower fields, orchards, vegetable gardens and fruit gardens. A truly unique place in the Hague region.”

But before that happens, there is still a lot to be done. Consider archaeological research and the adaptation of existing green spaces to make way for waterways, new roads, and futuristic buildings. In this context, a second logging permit was recently applied for from the municipality of Leidschendam-Vorburg.

Existing green spaces give way to new green spaces

This application includes all trees that need to be cut down or moved. Existing green spaces give way to new greenery. At least one new tree will be planted for each tree that is cut down. In general, trees of better quality and longer life.

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