Vorburgs Dagblad | Overcrowded cat rooms at Dierenhospitaal The Hague

Since the beginning of the summer holidays, more adopted cats have been brought in at Stichting Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst’s Gravenhage eo. Cat rooms are now crowded and even other rooms are now used as cat shelters.

“The kittens keep coming,” says Linette Eveleens of Dierenambulance The Hague. “Just last week we took eight sick cats from someone’s garden and later found the mother too. Sick and injured cats that were found somewhere also end up with us. We are now so full that we don’t have the cats that get along side by side with other cats.Cats live together, and are not able to give them enough space of their own.For example, we put a cat in the room for rodents.Fortunately, it was empty, because we often take rodents directly to other shelters.He was under great stress. Of the cats around him. Does he have his own room.”

The organization’s staff and volunteers always try to find the owner of each cat brought in first. If this is not possible, the hospital will take care of it. Once the cat is healthy, cut and neutered or spayed, so are the cats adoption progress.

Photo: The Hague Animal Ambulance

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