Vorburgs Dagblad | Play the boat, whirlpool and lighthouse return to Kijkduin

In a modified design to redesign the public space on Kijkduin, the famous play boat, Merry-go-round ride and lighthouse return to the seaside resort.

This is clear from the new plan Sent by City Councilman Ann Mulder to City Council. The various parties on the City Council have made efforts in recent years to preserve the distinct elements, but it appears that the City Council has not really been prepared to do so yet.

Kijkduin Bad is the second seaside resort in The Hague. The city council aspires to develop Kijkduen into a “lively and comfortable seaside family resort with unique green urban living environments”. The development consists of four parts: the new shopping center, housing and underground parking, the redevelopment of the Atlantic Hotel by outside parties, the construction of an underground entrance and bicycle shed, and the redesign of public spaces by the municipality.

The text continues below the illustration.

new setbacks

Construction of an underground entrance and bike shed will begin in September. The costs of this are higher than the previous budget, but can still be absorbed within the project budget. The municipality does not want to allocate an additional half a million euros for any new setbacks.

The new public space was designed by Bureau West 8. The Deltaplein should become a green area as a link between the city and the beach. Mulder writes: “The lighthouse, play of the boat and the merry-go-round are all part of Kijkduin Bad’s vision and are an important part of Kijkduin as a family beachside resort.” The redesign of the Deltaplein will begin before the summer of 2023. The goal is to complete the Deltaplein and its surroundings before the summer of 2024.

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Photo: West 8

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