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On this page you will find hundreds of VPRO Cinekid titles for the top 100. It is not a rating, because all the movies in it are highly recommended by us. There are movies for kids aged 4 to 14, and of course also for parents and grandparents. The films on this list are sorted by peak age. This is just a guide to the listing; And maybe a 5-year-old can enjoy the movies we made at the age of 6. So the ages are not indicators.

All films on this list are available in the Netherlands, and are spoken in Dutch or with subtitles. At the time of compilation, the committee will consider whether the film is available on DVD, can be viewed on larger on-demand platforms such as NPO Plus, Netflix and Pathé Thuis, or whether it will be broadcast on TV. Since this information changes very quickly (movies move from one platform to another), and we cannot guarantee the latest status, we have chosen not to mention the specific platforms in this list. Film.nl, among other sites, is a site that can provide this information in many cases.

The following films have been added to VPRO Cinkid’s Top 100 List in 2021:
Princess, Captain Nova, Ugly Kids Club, Frozen, The Gwen, Long Live the Queen, Mom Gorilla, Little Maman, Princess Bride, Soul, Trippel trappel: Dieren Sinterklaas.

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