VR glasses, 3D printers and robotics for Lodewijk College students

Although the new classroom is still in the testing phase, project leader Somers has already noticed a lot of excitement among the students: “When the classroom doors are open, lots of students always come to see what’s in there. It’s different. It’s more attractive than a normal classroom.” Where students immediately give the green light, the traffic light for teachers is still flashing at the school: “Some hurdles have to be taken to get all the teachers on board,” Sommers admits. He hopes practical examples will help with this. “We’re going to show them what they can achieve and what the possibilities are for the subject they’re teaching. That can really enrich education.”

It is not intended that the technology room be used only for courses where you can expect this. “We are trying to show students in an innovative way how to interact with technology in all possible fields. So with the new classroom we intend to set up education for all subjects.”

Additionally, Somers emphasizes that it is not a substitute for the ‘normal’ classroom: “It’s a different kind of education, actually in addition to the usual set of subjects. We train students to think outside the box.” Of course, although there is a little more room for creativity than in the textbook, the emphasis is still on education: “They come to the classroom to get something, not so much to learn something.”

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