VRT launches EDUbox about health for young people

What do complex problems like climate change and urbanization have to do with the encroachment of exotic mosquitoes in Europe? And how does deforestation mean that we should be more vigilant about new diseases?

Answering these questions is by no means easy. However, this insight is central to EDUbox Health: the science for a sustainable relationship between people, animals and the planetVRT, a ready-to-use teaching package for high school students.

In the first place, students learn about how the world has progressed in recent centuries and that it is precisely this progress that presents us with many challenges. Climate change, deforestation, globalization and urbanization are phenomena that Extensive changes Effects.

these changes pose a health hazard. Not only from humans, but also to other animals and planet Earth. One possible solution to these threats is to remain focused on scientific research. Youngsters gain insight into the scientific method through EDUbox. At the same time, they are also given advice on what they can do themselves and the importance of international cooperation is emphasized. Because the same problems appeared all over the world.

Finally, they started working with him A simulator specially developed for this EDUbox. As scientists searching for exotic mosquitoes in our country, they should try to reduce the number of exotic mosquitoes. In doing so, young people put the acquired knowledge into practice.

See some chips from EDUbox here and read more below.

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