Vught didn’t want them, but he got them anyway: shared scooters

A motorbike in Helvoirtseweg Vught (Photo: Jan Peels).
A motorbike in Helvoirtseweg Vught (Photo: Jan Peels).

1,900 shared motorcycles are now roaming our county. This is three times what it was a year ago. Scooters are distributed in eight municipalities. There were nine cars for a short while, because green scooters can also be rented from Felyx in Vught. It turned out to be a bit premature: the municipality knows nothing about it and has removed it again.

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Who is responsible for the public space? This question often comes to the fore when it comes to shared scooters. Municipalities charge all kinds of things, but complaints are often sent separately to the rental company in case of inconvenience caused by improperly parked shared scooters.

This company in turn is taking up space as well, as it turned out last summer at Vught. There, the municipality first wanted to investigate the nuisance issue before allowing Felyx’s dark green communal scooters. However, Felyx did not have the patience for this.

Afraid of being disturbed
“This year we have contacted Felyx about providing the service in Vught municipality,” the municipality told Omrup Brabant. However, Vught first wanted to get information from his great neighbor Den Bosch. Questions they wanted answered in Vught: How does it work? How do you organize this properly? Where can scooters be safely placed?

Where many municipalities have lauded the arrival of electric scooters because they can be an environmentally friendly alternative to the car, Vught was critical. Because scooters cause parking inconvenience in many places, as evidenced also by dozens of reports received on the private hotline started by Omroep Brabant:

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To the municipality’s surprise, scooters suddenly appeared on the streets of Vught this year. Vught was drawn to the so-called service area, the area where scooters can be parked and rented again. The municipality: “We have not entered into any agreements with Felyx about including Vught in their service area. However, Felyx have included Vught in their service area and users can leave and/or pick up scooters in Vught.”

This caused an inconvenience, and several complaints were reported: “Felyx bikes were clogging the sidewalks.” After contacting the Felyx, the scooters were removed again, Vught no longer belonged to the service area. The municipality is still in talks with the company about the future development of the scooters.

Felyx says she is always in close contact with the municipalities: “We are always in talks with the municipalities to look at expansion options.” The company said the situation in Vogt was due to “internal miscommunication on our part”. The future will determine whether green scooters will appear again in Vught.

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