VVD wants to immediately summon the family embassy staff to Ukraine

Brekelmann wonders why the Netherlands has not yet taken this step, while the UK and US have already begun repatriating family members. “It is possible that Putin would choose a smaller form of escalation, but there are certainly real scenarios in which he would choose a blitzkrieg,” the deputy said. “In this case, Ukraine suddenly becomes less safe as a country. That is why we want to err on the side of caution and remove the family of employees as much as possible.”

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Hoekstra will travel to Ukraine, an important signal, according to Brickelmans. “There is currently division in Europe on this issue and that is why it is important for Ukraine to know that it has our support.”

hand over weapons

According to Brekelmans, it is important that the Netherlands do not arrive empty-handed. “We have to express our intention to start supplying defensive weapons. Ukraine is under real pressure and so we have to be generous.”

But the issue of arms supply is divided in Europe. For example, Germany indicated that Ukraine should not expect any military equipment from Berlin. “I got it because of Germany’s past,” Brekelmanns says. “But it would be good if Germany agreed for other European countries to do.”

Member of Parliament VVD is not at all pleased with the current relations within the European Union on this subject. “There is a division and that is bad. That is why Hoekstra must invite his colleagues to speak with one voice.”

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