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GhentFeel like you’re taking a break? Every week we choose the most beautiful cycling and walking routes in Flanders: one in each region. This week it’s all about Flag Day. In Ghent, you can discover the history of the city’s university with the ‘UGent Passage’.

Place of departure and arrival: Ghent 3.47 km

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UGentPassage takes you through the history and shared memory of the city and its university. As you walk, an audio guide, an app for your smartphone and your website lead you past eleven points of interest which define both physically and symbolically the changing relationship between city and university.

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Book Tower (archive photo). © Wanes Nimmegeers

The procession begins at University Hall. An ideal place to start the road, as it is also the beginning of the city and the university. Aula is the city’s welcome glorified gift to the university. This is where the ceremonial heart of Ghent University beats to this day. One of the next stops is the courtroom with a statue of Hyppolyte Metdepenningen, a famous graduate of Ghent University. He was a lawyer, journalist, freemason and politician and was one of the founders of the liberal Ghent Party.

A walk then takes you to De Coupure, one of Ghent’s most exclusive residential locations with the city’s prettiest townhouses. The houses were built by the jet set of the 19th century, including factory bosses, doctors, judges and… professors. Boekentoren is also down the road. Today there are about three million books, periodicals and manuscripts in this university library. Other stops on the walk include the College of Art and Philosophy, better known as “de Blandijn”, the student home “The Terminal” and the almost legendary entertainment district on the Overpoortstraat.

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The road also takes you to the entertainment district of the Overpoortstraat.

The road also takes you to the entertainment district of the Overpoortstraat. © Wanes Nimmegeers

This walking tour is sponsored Memory of Ghent Universitycan also be found below.

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