Walweek municipality participates in Steenbreek

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Walwijk municipality has joined the Steinbrick Foundation. This institution supports the municipalities with a package of activities in order to convert the negative consequences of petrification into the positive effects of greening. Municipalities define their own approach, along with residents, organizations and companies. In the Netherlands, the Foundation now has more than 150 municipalities, five water boards and six provinces.

Our climate is changing and it shows. Often times, we have to deal with heavy rains, heat, or a long dry period. Heavy rains often cause a nuisance: streets or basements can be flooded. And do not forget that prolonged heat leads to health problems for many people. This has several reasons. However, various studies have shown that an increase in pavement has real negative effects on human, animal and nature well-being.

Green is life

A green environment means a healthier life not only for people, but also for animals. Due to increased ossification in private and public spaces, little space remains for nature. When the flowers are not growing, the insects do not come and the (wild) bees will not be able to do their necessary work. Petrification also negatively affects many species of birds and bats. In a stony environment you will find little or no life, and certainly not underfoot. While at least half of the species found in green spaces live below ground level. Soil is the basis of any living garden.

It’s time to work

The color green is high on our municipality’s agenda. Through projects from Green Agenda, among other things, we are working hard to increase the amount of green space and improve its quality in public spaces. Despite all the measures in the public space, the help of all residents of Wallic is required. At least 40% of the urban area is owned by individuals. “So we cannot do it alone,” said councilor Dilek Odabasi.

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President Wout Veldstra of the Steenbreek Foundation: “Everyone can make a contribution by taking care of greening your private garden, street and all malls today. By adding more green spaces to cities and villages and more environmental (agricultural) management. With the added benefit of being green. More green space, rainwater can properly sink into the soil, sewers are less burdensome, the temperature in the city drops, particles are captured, people feel more happy and healthy In addition to the possibility of physical and social living in the area and the neighborhood is increasing.

Together we can make a difference and ensure a healthy, climate-resistant living environment for both humans and animals!

a look at Steinbrick. nl For more information about the institution.

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