Wanneperveen’s Amazon Angelique Horn also has no win: Holland riders finish front in tough test at CH De Wolden

No less than 37 nationalities are represented at Concours Hippique (CH) De Wolden, which kicked off Thursday morning in Wengen. Most of the participants entered the ring on this first day. Today’s toughest class – the Buning Road Construction award, right on time over the 1.40m hurdles, and the qualifying round for Sunday’s Grand Prix – ended with Italian Lorenzo Argentano winning.

With 11-year-old Mary Dakota Blue Girl, he finished his net run after 57.68 seconds, and that time ran until the end. Too bad for Dalfsen’s Pim Mulder: With Its a Katosca Again Mulder he drove to 59.15, a second and a half slower than the Italian. There was also another Dutchman who caught his eye in this tough test: Albert Zuer of Ekten, who surprisingly took fourth place with eight-year-old Marie Gayla of KWPN. Zuer maintained third place with a score of 60.20, but came in with a narrow margin. This third place goes to Lithuanian Estes Vittkauskas.

Angelique Horn

Another entrant from the area is Angelique Horn, the jockey from Wanneperveen who won the Grand Prix at CH De Wolden in 2009. On Thursday mornings, Horne made a good impression on her debut in this edition of CH De Wolden with Lucy M, by Its survival is evident in this race. Horn also cleared the second degree. Maybe a good prelude to next Sunday’s Grand Prix? She says, “No, absolutely not.” “At the moment I don’t have a horse that I can ride the hard test with. You must be lucky to get such a horse in the stable. And I don’t have that right now.”

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Angelique Hoorn is currently focusing primarily on horse training and trading. “I do it for others, but I also train my horses. However, a talented horse is often sold out and then you don’t make it to the top. But of course I’ve been through everything in the past. However, when you’re here in competition, it’s a shame not to have a horse to race. Grand prize “.

Nothing is more beautiful

Angelique Horn became Dutch champion in 2001 with Hascal and the combination has also worked abroad. For example in La Baule, France, where Hoorn won the most prestigious international competition at the time. She also participated in the World Equestrian Games in Spain at that time. “Honestly, there is nothing better than being on top. But I know how hard it is to find a good horse and keep it for a while.” In the coming days, Hoorn will focus on small horse classes. “When you can start here in Veeningen, that’s great. I can also have fun without winning.”

The Dutch who won the first day of the CHD Wolden Championships were Stephen Veldhees of Hacksbergen (who won the 1.30-meter class), Jeroelmer Tone of Nonspett (who won the class for young horses) and Maxi De Weir of Ossendrecht in Brabant, who won the over-stage About 1.20 meters.

CH De Wolden will run on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the first part will conclude with the Grand Prix. Next Thursday will start a new four-day series of the competition, during which entry is also free.

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