Wasn’t Gavin being honest with Gordon? ‘no work’

Although Gordon had previously said Gavin couldn’t be a gold digger because he had a good job in Australia, Fork was different. Was Gavin being honest with Gordon?

When Gordon announced his relationship with Gavin, his new boyfriend was quickly questioned. But on Radio 538, Gordon Gavin said he’s definitely not following his money. First he doesn’t know who Gordon is and second he has a good job in Australia.


“He works at Burberry,” Gordon explained. “He’s done things. You know: it’s good. You feel it, you notice it in everything. He doesn’t know who I am or what I’ve done. I didn’t tell you that the first few days.

Did he lie?

But when ShowNews called the clothing store in Australia, it turned out that Gavin no longer worked there. Gavin had been gone since February. That means at the time Gordon made those statements, he was no longer working at Burberry. Did Gavin lie about his career?

Other work

Now that his relationship with Gordon is over, Gavin has found other work. You can read on his LinkedIn page that he is currently a supervisor at Ted Baker in Melbourne.

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